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All reheasals for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term have been cancelled.

Rehearsals are scheduled to resume in the autumn on Monday 7th September.


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Due to Government recommended measures in response to the Covid 19 pandemic,

in particular regarding group activities and that the over 70s and other vulnerable groups should self isolate for a period of some weeks, we have to put the welfare of members above anything else in terms of importance. Therefore, we have come to

the very reluctant conclusion that the Society should be suspended for the remainder of this term.

Key dates 2020

Practice information

Concert Dress

Tea/Coffee Rota




Key dates 2020

Mon 6th January 2020 - first rehearsal of term

Sat 15th February - Music theory coaching, 3 hours 

Sat 4th April - Open singing day on either the Fauré or Rutter Requiem (TBC) CANCELLED

Sat 16th May 2020 - Spring Concert: Fauré's Requiem and Rutter's Requiem CANCELLED

Sun 28th June 2020 - Concert at Holy Cross Priory CANCELLED

Sat 5th September 2020 - Music theory coaching, 3 hours CANCELLED

Mon 7th September 2020 - first rehearsal of autumn term

Sat 21st Nov 2020 - Winter Concert: Fauré's Requiem and Rutter's Requiem

Sat 12th Dec 2020 - Carol concert at Union Church

Practice Information

Although we prepare each work thoroughly in rehearsal, members are also expected to practice pieces at home as well. This is particularly important for new singers who may be less familiar with the  work, or who are developing their abilities. Fortunately, there are a number of websites which offer useful tools that help you to practice on your own, without the rest of the choir! 

One of the best is Choraline, which provides each individual voice part with its own line, played by a specific instrument. You can then hear your part emphasised, against the background of the other parts. You can download MP3 files, or order CD's. See

For a 10% discount, when you checkout type HEATHFIELD into the discount box and click the green circle to the right, and it will apply the discount.

Other useful sites include:

Choralia (

Cyberbass (

Chordperfect (

Learn Choral Music (  - highlighted voice parts for many choral works

Concert Dress


Black trousers, black open-neck shirt, black shoes and socks


Black trousers or skirts to the ankle, black tops with long sleeves. Avoid sparkle and lace

Black shoes and tights. No sandals or boots


Please avoid:

     - loose change in pockets

     - too much deodorant, perfume and aftershave

     - bangles and beads that rattle

     - bling!

No water bottles on stage during performances unless authorized by Sebastian.

Black folders are used in concerts and are available, for a small fee from Nick (librarian)



Tea / Coffee Rota

Being part of the rota teams is an excellent way to get to know people in the choir, and helps spread the load. Each team is comprised of three or four people, and each team rotate so you're only on duty every ten weeks or so. Speak to Linda Dearsley if you'd like to help, or any of the committee members if you're not sure who Linda is!



Tickets & Publicity

We rely on tickets sales to support our activities, and it's always much more enjoyable singing to a full hall! We hope that all members will sell at least two tickets per concert, and in this way  every concert should be a success. In addition, we will provide flyers and posters 6-8 weeks before each concert, please help make sure these are displayed / distributed as widely as possible.


We expect members to attend all rehearsals and concerts where possible. If you know you are going to be away please let Kate (membership) know, or Sebastian if you are away for a couple of weeks or more. 

Members Directory

For data protection reasons we no longer circulate members' contact details. Please speak to the secretary if you need to contact another choir member.


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