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COVID-era Rehearsal Information

The new temporary venue is Horam Village Hall - use the link below for directions

Horam Village Hall map

Practices will be shorter, with no break. The duration will probably be 1h 15m. but this may change. Note that only one toilet will be available, for emergency use only!


​We need to maintain social distancing (2m) between members, so will only have around 1/3 of the choir present on alternate weeks, the other 1/3 have opted to not attend in person until a vaccine becomes available. Chairs will be placed in the hall at the appropriate spacing. Lists of the groups can be found in the Members Login page. We have taken into account the preferences you stated on the survey but you will have the option to opt back into singing (or out..) if you would like.

The practice will be live streamed to non-attending members (and the group not singing that week if they so wish).

A "Rehearsal protocol" that gives everyone clear instructions on how to behave before and at practices in order to minimise risk can be found on the Members Login page.  Everyone should read this before attending practices.

A copy of the HCS Risk Assessment for the split rehearsals in Horam Village Hall can be found here.

Information on how to watch the live stream as well as listings of the singing groups can be found by logging into the Members' Page. If you need the password, please email the Chairman or the Secretary.

To access the HCS rehearsals on YouTube…

On the day of a rehearsal, at the appointed time (no earlier than 19:20) browse to the HCS

YouTube “Channel” at

and look for the red “LIVE NOW” marker – click this marker or the thumbnail to start

watching. If the video doesn’t play immediately, just leave it a few minutes, as it may not be

totally “Live” just yet (YouTube is just like that...).

If you start watching the Live video a bit late (after 19:30) you can “rewind” the pointer at the

bottom of the screen to an earlier point if you wish – it’ll keep playing (and you can move

back & forth through the video at will) even after the Live session has finished.

Shortly after the end of the rehearsal, the video will become “Unlisted” on YouTube, so it

won’t be publicly visible on the HCS “Channel”, so if you want to watch it at a later date then

please return to the Members’ Area on the HCS Website

( where links to all previous

rehearsals will be available.

When you’re viewing the HCS YouTube Channel please click on the “Subscribe” button,

partly to show support, and partly so you can get notifications about videos on the Channel –

Subscription does not cost anything, it’s merely a way of staying in touch with Channels that

you’re interested in.

Rehearsal protocol:  

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