MESSIAH edits - soprano

He trusted in God

  • On all "trusted", make the vowel more like the "a" in "fast" . Also, sing as "tru....sted" - don't linger on the "st"

  • In "would deliver" - don't sing the two "d"s  separately - run the two words together.

  • Bar 19/19 - keep it light for "delight in him"

  • Last three bars - watch Seb closely for timing. Last bar - Keep the "i" in "him" neutral, don't let it become "heem". Listen to the basses for tuning.

Worthy is the Lamb / Amen

  • B3 – Sing as “Slen”  (like sled), not slain. Same for subsequent. Keep the C bright.

  • B5 – take the “s” from “us” and put at the start of the “to”. Same for subsequent.

  • B6 Short breath between “God” and “by”

  • B11 – Keep the second C bright

  • Page 221 – We are cutting from  last beat B39 to last beat B53 on p223. (Fold page?)

  • Page 224 - mf for bar 62 and 63, then down to mp end bar 63, crescendo to ff bar 67

  • Bar 137 - dim down to p, stay p for 4 bars. Start to cresc from L (mf) growing to ff in bar 146.

  • At B, sing “blessing and honour.. ” etc towards emphasising “him”. Make the sound warm. Don’t get to the “m” too soon on the word “him”

  • Amen chorus – keep legato, and floating.

  • Last 3 bars - tune to Altos