Messiah edits – Bass


He Trusted in God

  • Sing all "Trusted" more as "tru...sted" - keep the "u" long

  • Opening stanza - sing lightly

  • B5 - "light in him" - slightly detached

  • Last 3 bars - watch Seb for timing. Keep the "i" in "him" neutral - not "heem"

Worthy is the Lamb / Amen

  • Previous movement ends Bar 28, page 190 for the second time. Cut from there to p217

  • B3 – “slain” (and all subsequent) – sing as “slen (rhymes with sled), leave n to very last minute

  • B5 link “us” and “to” – sing as “u”  “sto”, so the s is very late. Same on subsequent instances. Breath after God.

  • Although the tempo changes as we start “To receive power…” there is not a gap.

  • Figure B – legato! Start mf and build towards the word “him”. Don’t get to the “m” too soon on the first “him” (b25)

  • Bar 27 – Octave jump – smooth, and join together. Same in B37

  • Bar 34 – Don’t allow to drag. Keep smooth again and build towards “him”

  • Page 221 – We are cutting from  last beat B39 to last beat B53 on p223

  • B57 – Watch “power be unto him” rhythm, it’s NOT a dotted rhythm!

  • Page 224, B64-66 – keep smooth

  • B68 – Switch to Adagio, watch for timing, but no break!

  • B72 – keep this passage smooth and legato. Generally bright, esp the B in B73

  • B77 – Take care with the G#

  • B78 / 79 – Sing as A-a-men, and separated but not too staccato

  • B137 - dim to p, stay p until B142, then grow to mf

  • Figure L - Crescendo to ff in B146

  • B157 – Watch Seb carefully for Adagio timing, and tune to Altos