Messiah edits - alto

He Trusted in God


Super Legato apart from Bar 14 “light in him”     put a little light on each word. And whenever that phrase appears.


The quaver breaths at Bars 11-12, 25-26, 39 and 54-55 are very quick.


  • Bar 10                    sing “Tru -sted” rather than “trust -ed”

  • Bar 11                    Sing “wou-deliver” take “d” off would and run into “deliver”

  • Bar 15                    when singing a run on the word light sing “la” until the end then finish the word.

  • Bars 20-21           don’t snatch at “him” or “if”  keep the length in the notes.

    • The emphasis is moving to “-liver him”

  • Last Bar                sing an “ih” sound not “ee” in “him”

    • Listen to the Basses for pitch.


Worthy is the Lamb / Amen


  • Bar 3                      sing an “e” sound in “slain” – no diphthong

  • Bar 5                      cross out “s” on “us” and put next to “t” of “to”

  • Bar 6                      breathe after “God”

  • Bars 7-11              take short breaths to keep tempo (same over the page at Bars 19-23)

  • Bar 24                    Sing “Ble – ssing” rather than “Bless – ing” whenever the word appears

    • Sing through the phrase to “him” rather than punching out each beat

    • Don’t get to the “m” too soon on the word “him”

  • Bars 38 – 53        have been cut

  • Bar 58                    sing “power” not “pow’r”

  • Bar 61 on             sing “fo-rever” and “an-dever”


The Amen Chorus is super legato



  • Sing “a” (as in "hat") not “ar” in “Amen”

  • Keep up the energy right to the end.                      

  • Bar 137                 diminuendo to p for next “Amen” in Bar 138

  • Bar before L (Bar 143)    Crescendo to mf

  • Next 4 bars crescendo to ff at Bar 148


Last 3 bars listen to Basses (Everyone else is listening to us!!)


  • Bar 82-86             snatch breaths between “Amens”

  • Bar 89                    accent the “A” of “Amen”

  • Bars 92-101         keep totally still

  • Don’t slow on page 230 and watch Seb for timing of the last 4 bars.